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A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

According to a new controversial theory, everything around us is intricately planned, and each and everyone’s destiny has already been decided. The new theory suggests that time does not PASS and that everything is ever-present.

In fact, time is not linear as we have been thinking all along, and everything around us is ever present.

The researchers indicates that time should be regarded as a dimension of spacetime, as relativity theory holds — so it does not pass by us in some way, because spacetime doesn’t. Instead, time is part of the uniform larger fabric of the universe, not something moving around inside it. According to a scientist, everything that has happened, and everything that will happen is in fact occurring at this very moment as time is positioned in space.

The new theory proposed by Dr. Bradford Skow, an associated professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) indicates that if we were to look down on the universe, we would actually observe time and events spreading out in all directions.

So what does this actually mean? Well, it suggests that time as we know it is incorrect, in other words, it’s not linear as we have been thinking all along. In fact, everything around us is ever present.

The new theory is detailed in Dr. Skow’s book, Objective Beginning, where he writes: “When you ask people, ‘Tell me about the passage of time,’ they usually make a metaphor.

“They say time flows like a river, or we move through time like a ship sailing through the sea.”

The author argues that he “wouldn’t want to believe in that unless I saw good arguments for it.”

In “Objective Becoming,” Skow aims to convince readers that things could hardly be otherwise. To do so, he spends much of the book considering competing ideas about time — the ones that assume time does pass or move by us in some way. “I was interested in seeing what kind of view of the universe you would have if you took these metaphors about the passage of time very, very seriously,” Skow says.

Dr. Skow believes that in a so-called ‘block universe- a theory which states that the past, present and future exist simultaneously.

In other words, this means that once an even has occurred, it continues to exist somewhere in space-time.

The new ‘controversial’ theory is backed up by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity which indicates that space and time are in fact part of an intricate four-dimensional structure where everything that has occurred has its own coordinates in space-time.

Dr. Skow further details:

“The block universe theory says you’re spread out in time, something like the way you’re spread out in space. We’re not located at a single time.”

Dr. Skow agrees that while things change and we see time as if it were passing, Dr. Skow believes that we are in a ‘scattered conditions’ and that different parts of time may be dotted around the infinite universe.

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Year Of the Scribe


Get Lucky

Happy, Blessed, and Joyous, New Year everyone. I heard this message, and loved it. It is brought forth by the messenger, Magenta Pixie. I painstakingly transposed the message here below, but I will also link the video if you prefer listening to her charming voice, and accent. I like what I hear, and it applies to us all, The Year of the Scribe, and Artist. I am Up With That! Enjoy, and much love. Be safe and well all!

Frequencies for the New Year Gateway 2016

The White-winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

via the Magenta Pixie

As you come to the end of your year of 2015 and you move into a new year of 2016 you passed through a gate where the ending of something and the simultaneous beginning of something new is always a transition a death/rebirth energetic. You passed through many gateways within your accommodation most notably your solar return. That which you know as your birthday. On an individual level the birthday is the most powerful gateway for you, even more so if you are consciously awakened and aware. On a global level gateways present geometric frequencies, astrological alignments, and other moments of focused attention, yet the most significant death rebirth transition when it comes to time, is the end of one cycle, and the simultaneous beginning of another cycle. Your New Year moment is one such significant transition. These transitional gateways are the most aligned time for the personal death rebirth transition to take place. The leaving behind of the old, the unwanted, that which no longer serves, and aligns, and the embracing of the new, the desired, and that which does serve and align.

This knowing of the death rebirth transitional moment is hardwired into your DNA, if you will, and those who do not yet stand as conscious, aware lightworkers still hold activated knowing of these transitions. Although this will be knowing at the most basic level, it is still a conscious awareness. The conscious and aware lightworkers see the multi leveled, multi-dimensional aspects of these transitions. They process the meaning of these transitions and they are aware of how to behave, how to think, and how to feel, and what to do what action to take during these transitions. They are aware of the power of focused intention. rather than resolution, wish, or desire. For wish, and desire often remain unfilled within the realm of the unmanifest, and whilst resolution when coupled with determination is one step closer to manifestation, it is the focused intention that holds a direct line to manifestation. The death rebirth transitional moments are most aligned with focused intention and manifestation. The time of the new year holds much focused attention creating the landing pad, or the perfect match if you will, for focused intention. Ritualizing your intentions in whichever way you personally work magically is the most aligned way for you, for when you hold conscious aware knowing of this transitional moment you naturally move into that energy of focused intention leading to manifestation. You become part of that rebirth matrix of the new year, for you hold far more mass (?) within your own focused attention than those who still sleep. For it is you know where humanity to create these moments of transition and rebirth. If you are not yet familiar with, or practiced with focused intention and manifestation, then using the power of the word is a post aligned tool at this time, especially as you move into your year of 2016 a year we could call, The Year of the Scribe, for creativity coming into fruition is very much the order of the day for 2016, especially for those who hold the “archetype of the scribe,” and the “archetype of the artist.” So writing your intentions holds much power, and magic at this time. Writing your intentions holds power, and magic at all times, especially at the time of the moving through this gateway into 2016, and if you are more inclined towards the “artist eye, the archetype artist, then drawing, painting, or digitally creating through image, creating your intention, is most aligned. The list, the poem, the story, or the vision board will all hold strong as powerful tools for focused intention, and manifestation. Yet also the tool of the magical altar is most aligned, the gathering together of the metaphors that formed in matter that match the intentions you hold. Your own personal metaphors that formed in matter, that match your belief system, or your own personal creations. When they are placed together with a magical placement ready for the midnight bridge upon New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Eve becomes the New Year’s Day, the midnight moment, the midnight bridge is a convergence point. A convergence point of two cycles of time, two sections of time that overlap together to form a Vesica Pisces geometry, a very powerful geometry that can be utilized for your magical intention. The magical altar at that time of convergence shall be fired with light placed upon it. Be sure of your intentions here when using physical objects in this way. With focused intention and magical creation this tool is most powerful, but can manifest in unexpected ways, example the toy car could manifest as a child, rather than a new car. So be clear with your intention and specific with the placement of objects. Feathers, crystals, gems, stones, and other talismans, are most helpful here. Adding the list, the poem, the story, or the vision board to the magical altar can also assist greatly in the directional access of your focused intention, manifesting in alignment with your original intention, and in alignment with your highest desire. So whilst we could be your year 2016, as the year of the scribe, the year of the artists in alignment with this we could also refer to your year 2016 as the year of the crystal activations, the year of gold, or the golden year. For 2016 is set to bring creation to fruition for many. 2016 the year that yet more of that veil is lifted, the year of disclosure, truth seen clearly, nothing hidden, yet in alignment with the writers, and artists, coming forth into the light, as their creations move into fruition. For it is the author’s, poets, painters, digital art creator’s, musician’s, filmmakers, actors, and technical writers that lifts that veil. Disclosure comes not just in the form of the whistleblower who tells all but comes forward in the form of the activated one holding knowing. 2016 is the time for not knowing to be shared exponentially. The books, blogs, writings, novels, poems, paintings, and electronic media hold the information you seek, and when you find what you are seeking, the information becomes the activation, and when the activation is processed and understood, then you become the deliverer of knowledge, the presenter of information, and the conduit of light. You write the book! You paint the painting!  2016 holds much of this information sharing activation, creation, and activity. 2016 is the year of the crystal activation, raising and frequency around March, and culminating in June. All crystals upon your planet beam with this inner light, the photonic light from the Galactic is directed upon every crystal and very crystal moves into transformation alchemy. 2016 is the year of gold, alchemy transformation, the metamorphosis from one thing into another, non activated into activated, stone into crystal, heaviness into light, metal into gold. 2016 the golden year the fullest expression of the Golden Age thus far, due to the conscious creativity within the scribe, artists, and other archetypal creators, such as musicians. The activations of the crystals will be known by those who share their space, and many conscious lightworkers will draw powerful crystal tools into their reality for the first time, crystal wands, crystal animals, jewelry, and indeed the crystal skulls. For the Crystal Skull matrix becomes more accessible within your year 2016, as the crystalline beings move into your consciousness. These are beings of Crystal Light, gracing you with their presence, and bowing in honor to you, and all for you as you allow yourself to be their messengers. Are we saying new conduits of light will come forward? Indeed, we are. Henceforth 2016 is The year of the Scribe, as you write down your communications with these crystalline beings. And the crystals within you, within your DNA, shall activate yet more, and the crystal light body is created, culminating in June 2016. Indeed 2016 is the year of the crystal activations. If the crystal activations, and the heightened creations from the scribe, and the artists, resonates deep within you, then we say to you, place this upon your magical altar, write this upon your list, draw this upon your drawing, find the image within your digital world, and place this upon your digital vision board, or digital altar. For you shall harness this energy, you shall direct this energy naturally when the light of awareness flows through you. Focused attention, and intention, simply direct that flow of light and conduct the electromagnetic frequency needed for the manifestation of your highest desire, which is in alignment with your higher self, that which is for your highest good throughout the quantum field. May you move through this transitional New Year Gateway with joy, and ease, may you embrace creativity, magic crystalline activations, and the golden frequency within your year of 2016.

We are the White-winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

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Blue Snowflake


Fanciful Snowflake

Angela Fehr

Hello blogging friends. Oh my! Its Christmas time. Where has the time gone? Anybody? lol The school semester is over in a week. It has been wonderful but stressful. I have learned so very much from all of my English classes and in Algebra. I cannot hardly wait to say goodbye to Mr. Saturn, I believe he goes to see you peeps in Sagittarius on the 23rd? I am sure that my sweet Linda will clarify that for me. Oh boy! I hope that means a smooth transition into a new way of living.

Last weekend I had an unexpected opportunity to go to Boise, Idaho for work, we left Friday morning and returned Sunday morning. Man was I tired, and I had/have three essays due this week, two down and one to go. I have my Algebra Final Exam on Monday (prayers appreciated) lol, but really! Boise is a pretty town and nice people. I tried to figure out how to classify them but really couldn’t sort of Northern California, Oregonian types I guess.

Anyways I just wanted to stop by and say hello and Happy Holiday Season everyone. Remember (I remind myself) to love and appreciate your family and friends. Let us make peace in our hearts, so that we can expand it into the world. My tree is up and I do so love a Christmas tree.



P.S. I am not receiving any blog notifications from Word Press, none.

Homeward Bound

angel sculpture


Leaving the City of Angeles and heading home soon, so if I can ask for your prayers and good intentions for safe travel? That will be awesome. I like it when my Word Press peeps got my back. Much love and I will let everyone know when I get safely home. Taking the night train across the desert.



Shaman Tracker


I was given a great opportunity to work with a delightful shaman on Saturday (Full Lunar Eclipse Day.) I had, and you can too, connect with her here at her blog, shamanictracking. Connecting with her across the world via Skype was just like she was in the room with me, I felt relaxed, safe & guided.

It was a truly enlightening exploration of self. What I discovered was just what I needed to keep on track with my happiness, and spiritual progression. I highly recommend the experience. Thank you with much love and gratitude shamictracking!

Edited to add:

I just did an I-Ching reading that is so synchronous  to my tracking.

Number 32 Permanence

This hexagram points to the importance of stability and constancy. In the same way that thunder and lightning have always been together, the wise person seeks unions that are forever. Keep an optimistic outlook and your friendships/partnerships will endure and succeed. Simultaneously, you must access a sense of stability inside yourself. Like the constellations in the sky, everything in life moves as an integrated whole. Discovering this integration – by which everyone and everything in the Universe are connected -will put you in touch with stability and the power of permanence.

.¸¸*¨`*..¸ƸӜƷ ✫❀





Butterfly Dreamcatcher

As I was driving through the plains of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona,  I had images of the Native Americans and time gone by. I felt a connection to another dimension and time line, maybe it was faint but it was there. Possibly I was delusional. lol I don’t know how many of my Word Press friends and readers have been to the American South West?  It has an ancient, Palaeolithic  beauty, like the  Grand Canyon, and Sedona, I visited  Sedona five years ago with my departed best friend and his husband. I am looking forward to visiting again soon. I have not been to the Grand Canyon. Oh boy I am really looking forward to that.

I just looked up the various tribes from the area, there are 21 recognized American Indian tribes in Arizona today. My great grandmother was one half Cherokee, making me 1/16th.  Cherokee are really more the area I came from but I am certain that anyone in this natures majesty feels some ancestral connection to those peoples, no matter what country or ancestry you are from. I will be learning more as I explore the state.

Some of the People of the Sun













This post is being written the night before I leave for my new home. When spirit instructed me to leave Los Angeles in August of 2010, after living there for over thirty years, I did it. I moved home to Louisiana, where I was born and raised. Being a very liberal Californian, I knew and everyone who knew me, knew it would be a culture shock. It was and if it wasn’t for my family it might have been hard. When I arrived from California I was an emotional, menopausal mess. My best friend had died, and finances were tough. But I was very blessed, I had my family to nurture me and allow me to heal and recover. I returned to school and have a high grade point average. Might I add, I really love the community college that I have  been attending here. All in all, now that 2012 has come and gone, as we are all evolving into more…I am moved to move, so off we go.

I will be on the road driving through Texas on Sunday and from El Paso to Phoenix, Arizona on Monday. By myself~ Send me prayers or happy thoughts, please~



“Three things cannot be hidden, The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth.

The Buddha~


Birth Courage


Courage is not the absence of fear,but the mastery of it.

Humility is not thinking less of ourselves,but thinking of ourselves less.

Deepak Chopra


I am striving to cultivate a reserve of courage as I am about to embark to a new location, lifestyle and life. If you can remember me in your prayers or thoughts, please ask that I have the strength, and the courage in the upcoming month.

Peace & Love,


And if you haven’t turned on the music on my sidebar, you have missed hearing a beautiful piano piece. ♪♫♪

Buddha Image

Following up on the last post with the article by Adyashanti, I was thinking of icons and images of the Buddha and what they mean. For me it represents, serenity, forgiveness, acceptance, allowance and stillness. The article said not to worship the Buddha, I do not worship anything. I have a nice big statue of Buddha that I bought myself for my birthday once. I like the aesthetic of it, but  it has been interpreted by some as, I am a Buddhist. I am in part Buddhist but I am all things. So I suppose there are many ways to see icons.

Being the Buddha self is a worthy aspiration and I will move in that direction, equally being ones Christed self. Be the highest expression of self possible. Connect to the highest aspect of God Source available to us each, now. Take time to be still.

Anyway just my musings on the iconography of the Buddha and other saints and masters. Be safe while on your holiday travels. Hug your friends and family. Be in gratitude. Manifest your destiny.

Much love,


World Peace Now!

Wherever I Go, There I Am


Lokeswara Rao Madiraju

Wherever I go, there I am,” I have posted before but it comes to mind today. I am moving after the holidays and haven’t determined where, even what state yet. Listening to all my favorite astrologers for my Scorpio December 2012 forecast. All I can say is, it is even in the stars. Some issues in life you try and run from and when you stop running…there I am. lol

“No matter where you go, there you are.” The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (motion picture) (1984).

“Life is now. 
There was never a time when your life was not now,
 nor will there ever be.”
–Eckhart Tolle

So I am blessed. I have really gotten a lot from the Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge. My play and the five other student directed, One Acts, went up Tuesday night, they all went well.

The website for my Web design class…well that is another story. But it will be fine.

Astrologers I love

Terra Merck

Diana Garland

Peace & Love