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Are the trees talking to you?


Mrill Ingram

Well, maybe. But we know for sure they are communicating with each other.

“Ever been in a forest and thought you heard whispering? Maybe it wasn’t in your head.”

This is Suzanne. (See Pic here) She studies tree “networks.”

She has found vast underground tree root systems that are kind of like giant brains.

Like the neurons in our own brains, trees send messages via their roots. So when you walk into a forest, it’s likely that all the trees are networked with each other, including other species of tree, as far as you can see.

In fact, she says that trees aren’t only communicating, but are also sending resources back and forth to help out other trees — even if they are a different kind of tree.

So, this might be a Douglas fir sending a little carbon love to a cedar tree.

What’s cooler than that? Well, there’s more.

She calls the older trees — and I mean like 500 years old — “mother trees.” And that’s because when they begin to die, they start passing their resources off to the younger trees around them.

She says it’s like the passing of a wand from one generation to the next. Whoa. My notion of a family tree just got a lot more complicated.

Besides being a beautiful way to understand forests, this info also gives us one more reason to stop clear cutting, which is when timber companies clear patches of land of ALL trees. It’s easier for the loggers, but it takes away the mother trees so they can’t pass along those resources to the next generation. With the mama trees, they wipe out whole forest communities, and that’s just a shame.

Here’s Suzanne. She made me see trees in a whole new way.



My 600th Post

~Sounds like Avatar~

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23 thoughts on “Tree Whispers

  1. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:

    Happy 600th Post Sindy at bluebutterfliesandme~
    Oh wait that’s me. Silly~

  2. Amy Campion says:

    Love this! Just reading “The Magic Faraway Tree” to my little boys, he so loves the trees in The Enchanted Wood who speak to each other, and if you put your left ears to their trunk you can hear what their secrets are. They say “wisha wisha wisha….”

  3. Great post.

    Close to a hundred years back, an Indian Scientist Dr. J.C. Bose had in fact determined that plants have feelings.

    Dr. Bose invented a instrument named crescograph and did many experiments on plants. He then showed that plants can feel, in their own way. “Suppose there is a lush green plant and its leaves are a sparkling green in the shining sunlight. We feel like pulling out a leaf to feel it. But we do not think of what goes on inside the plant. Maybe, we feel that the plant does not suffer like us. But the plant does suffer. In fact the pulsation of the plant stops where the leaf was plucked. In a short time the pulsation again begins at the spot, but this time very slowly. And then it completely stops. That spot is as good as dead for the plant.”

    Dr. Bose also expounded on the ‘nervous mechanism’ of plants — the ability of plants to recognize and react to the individual who has committed an act of violence (particularly toward a plant) in their ‘presence’.


  4. Congratulations upon your 600th post dear Sindy.. and you know just how much I love trees.. 🙂 your graphics are stunning that you used for the this post.. Love and Blessings to you my friend xxx ❤ Sue xxx

  5. HI sg –
    So glad you posted this. I’ve been saying this for years!! Trees and plants are completely connected with the Earth. They are her natural extensions, have feelings, incredible sentient and psychic powers, and we must do all we can to protect them and make places for them to grow. They keep the Earth, and all of the life the she supports happy and healthy.
    Definitely like Avatar, a wise film that has a lot to say about our realities than most people are ready for. Happy youve seen it.
    There are three more Avatar films coming, BTW.
    Hugs to you and a tree today, and tell it is beautiful!!
    O and OM>

  6. Congratulations on 600 posts!

  7. Congratulations Cindy and what a lovely post to share with everyone the connectness of our trees… we are all a reflection of our environment… love to you x Barbara

  8. What wonderful insights! ❤

  9. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Congratulations on 600 posts!!! I love this article. I hear the trees all the time. Not only do they connect to each other, but fungi links everything together too, as well as other soil microbes. I love the connections and the oneness. Thanks for sharing this. ❤

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