The Call

remnants~ Katherine Ace


Remnants Painting by: Katherine Ace

I don’t know what to write. I had an epiphany today but it doesn’t make me feel any better. That was that my existence or rather my incarnation as Sindy is not necessarily about my happiness. Many years ago I made a very serious vow, a vow to my Being, or Higher Self, (whatever you wish to call it.) The vow I made was to make the purpose of my Being’s incarnation as Sindy my top priority. I stand by this but in my journey since my friends death three years ago, when I lost my balance, left my home and friends, started a new life, moved again and started another….I forgot. Yes, I completely forgot that I made this very serious vow. So in that, I have to realize that my life is not necessarily about my happiness, or lack thereof.

Now we all know that I am in fact blue and a bit depressed, but that perspective is on me. I can choose to feel otherwise. The menopause probably isn’t assisting me at all. Lol So, get thee to the (Chaste Tree extract,) herb store Sindy. Anyway my point is this; my life has a purpose according to my Beings divine blueprint, now I am pretty sure my having a positive attitude will be required to attain it.

What is my Life Purpose you ask? Or maybe you didn’t, but I will answer the question for the sake of continuity. Here is the answer: I don’t know. I really wish I did. I think it has to do with all that the tools I have gathered thus far and possibly write or teach. I don’t know, so I continue my education and just go forward seeking the guidance of my Higher Self.

If one thing we say or do influences someone that achieves world peace or becomes a great leader….well then, that would be good for me. I think that would be good for my Being but I will have to give them a call, we have lost touch with one another lately.

So Namaste, really, I mean it.


19 thoughts on “The Call

  1. great post! I think the fact that you remembered your vow heightened your awareness. A great jumping off point to ???? The answers will come.


    • Thank you Ms. Linda~ Yes, I don’t know how I conveniently forgot the vow. Of course I believe we all make these plans prior to incarnating into a body but the vow I made was more like a renewing of the original vow. lol

  2. Keeping moving forward. The answers all around even if you don’t “know” them right now.

    • Ah thank you Julianne~ If I make that call and get still, I am sure I will receive some answers. I really appreciate that you took the time to leave me such a meaningful comment.

      Much love~

  3. shreejacob says:

    Ah Sindy…I sit and wonder too about my purpose here. It’s easy to lose sight of things when life “gets in the way”….but is it? getting in the way, that is?
    I sit and I sometimes get these thoughts…light bulb moments…which are more like mists in the early dawn, it’s there..and when I try to reach out and grab at it…it breaks off and dissipates. It’s as if it’s telling to keep sitting, keep breathing, keep being still and it will come to you…

    One of these thoughts is that our life…all that happens in it, with us..around us is to serve us. So..just breathe, relax…and it will come to you. You see, if you’ve already got it. You remembered your vow, and you have a feeling you need to go to that shop…and you also feel that you are gathering the tools and knowledge to share with others. That my dear friends is awesome in itself! 😉

    • Thanks Shree~ I feel certain that I will either know when the time is right, or I will, or am doing it without knowing. The need to know really isn’t all that important to me, in this scenario anyways.

      Another realization came last night as I saw something on Facebook that recalled The Four Agreements, that reminded me that as in my recent disappointment, to not take anything personally! Boy if I can manage to just do that…I am a winner! The ability to transform an impression when possible, has always been a real high for me. So today I will keep reminding myself not to take anything personally. 🙂

      Your a good friend and always have some sweet & supportive words for me. Your words and intentions, are always appreciated.

      Much love~

  4. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Well, Sindy, it is nice to know that you remembered your vow.

    By the way, it is always a fabulous idea to accept guidance from your Higher Self.

    • Thank you Renard~ I really, really need to get my priorities straight and strengthen the connection with the Higher Self again. I feel into immersion in the third dimensional world.

      Much love~

  5. james369 says:

    Sindy: thank you for this post. It is a timely reminder for me to focus upon what is important and vital in life, and to listen to the call of conscience: that gentle whisper that explains all that need be done.
    With light,

    • Your welcome James~ I know this dark place I have found myself navigating, is to take me home to my true self, and redirect my focus. If in this, I have in anyway helped another, then I truly am grateful.

      I appreciate your saying so.


  6. What helps me is the knowing that all my experiences, good and bad, losing, gaining, happiness, sadness etc etc… brings me to a point of knowing and loving myself so deeply… giving me courage to live totally in each moment, embracing all life… Being at peace, feeling joy and in harmony with life… and then I feel that this being-ness attracts more… and more… peace, joy and harmony… no more duality… I have stepped out of the human race (so to speak) and claimed my divineness… This I believe is humankind’s mission this life, this generation on earth…. To prioritise ourself, loving ourself unconditionally and awakening to our own divinity, spirit essence and allow it to integrate with our humanness… Moving onwards together in unity and love…

    I love your writing… and I believe we all help one another become the best we can ever be… Thankyou Barbara x

  7. lisalday111711 says:

    I am going through all of that myself. I am struggling to find that inner knowing and peace that I am okay but I am on the cusp. Patience my friend…we just have to be patient and rise above these sticky times…and yes….menopause makes that especially challenging. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and this too shall pass

    • Hey Lisa. I am certain that these trying times will just make us stronger. If indeed we didn’t have something to test us, we wouldn’t know how strong and powerful we were. Thank you for your kindness and supportive words.

      Much love sister~

  8. […] In your work on self, or as Abraham Hicks says, in the vortex, all good thing come. As I wrote in The Call, the vow that was made to my Inner Divine Self will bring me into that which I want…want […]

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