Darkest Before The Dawn

Nicoletta C.

The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud.
The thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms.
*Buddhist Chant*

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

First i would like to acknowledge and give big gratitude to all the ladies that have been a part of this co-creative process, all the post have been so spectacular. Also I owe a big apology to Deelia, at Soul Fields for messing up the scheduling. I do hope she will just continue to post on the day she had planned. So I was going to post today anyway, I hope I am a worthy substitution.
Sometimes when clearing, things get worse before they get better. You know when you clean out the garage, or a closet, what a hot mess you make first. Well as we work on clearing psychological and emotional issues, things come up, a muck, and it is good, for it is there for us to see, and observe. We cannot clear something from our ego, or our psyche if it hides from us in a dark corner, and I know my ego is crafty and clever and it knows how to hide its little bugaboo self. Ugly little #*%^# that it is, of and the is just one of many of the bugaboo’s.
So as we clean the pipes of the cosmic sludge clogging our drains, we can use this to observe and truly clear. Today I am supposed to be studying for my Biology test, and I wasn’t going to go to church, Interfath CommUnity, but at the last minute, I jumped up got dressed and went. There is a great group of musicians that write and play songs, and they always make me happy.
So today Cliff & Friends performed a song, and they were cool enough to allow me to share it.

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

With love, Fear is Gone


There’s a fire waiting to come out
There’s a fire there within your heart
Don’t let them go out
Make it bright to the light of love
Do you know with love fear is gone
Do you know with love fear is gone
Send that fear up, up through the chimney
Send that fear up, up to the sky
As you release it in divine time
Allow your-self….peace of mind
Do you know with love fear is gone
Do you know with love fear is gone
Like a cat with its eminent domain
Like a tiger staring down its prey
Like a cat with power, power that stays
Face the fear that freezes you
Melt it away
Do you know with love fear is gone
Do you know with love fear is gone

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

Lyric’s by,
Cliff Covdes, Mary Godfrey & Sue King


In Linda’s post on September 12, This Too Shall Pass, she referred to her cat box sludge, as a metaphor, and this is along those lines. Sometimes though you must break and egg to make an omelette. I repeat the theme as it is what I am personally experiencing at this time.
Happy clearing everybody.
Tomorrow we have:

✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀




37 thoughts on “Darkest Before The Dawn

  1. I’ve always said (to myself at least): you gotta make a big mess to thoroughly clean things out. I have visions of cleaning my old garage right now. 🙂
    Oh, and thank you!!! I’ve been sick the past two months (unusual for me). It all began in June when I started the cleanse my body and start buying more of my own food (eating my dad’s groceries the past year has not been good for my system and though I’m getting really low on cash, my health is worth it!), and now I see why this sick body mess has happened. I kinda knew why, but this is affirmation. 🙂 It felt like old stuff coming out. It’s mostly cleaned up now, I hope.

  2. shreejacob says:

    So true what you said…about bringing out all that gunk…and when just when you feel you’re done…more comes out!!
    Nice lyrics too 🙂

  3. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    Another inspiration blog pulled from your Blue bag of spells. Thought I’d add this to the mix…

    …And then the Messenger spoke:
    ‘Thou must purify thyself,
    Sprinkle the dust with water,
    Scatter flowers in thy room.’
    …And the exiled soul replied
    ‘When I sprinkle, I weep,
    When I pray, then must I hope,
    When I gather flowers, I love,
    So that when my Lord comes,
    I shall be beside myself.’


    DN – 04/04/14

  4. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    You are very welcome. It is part of a stanza published in The Virago Book of Spirituality: Of Women and Angles.

    You inspire the best in others Sindy 🙂 And in some ways that is why I stay here drifting lazily from one flowering blue bloom of a blog to the next. And you know what else, your material keeps me enlivened, and your comments in reply are always so charming 🙂 And you are the only Rare Blue I know. 🙂

    DN – 04/04/14

  5. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hi Sindy,

    🙂 Once again you enchant me with your spell.

    Everything I write? Well, I’d best ensure that I continue to tell the truth in the same way that I always have then 🙂

    Happiness. Now there’s a topic for worthy discussion in one of your insightful Blogs? It has so many dimensions of understanding to it don’t you think?

    A little further back on this posting, you say, ‘I feel we are in a transitional phase and like a caterpillar to a Butterfly, there are stages that are not so cute.’ Is this a comment that reflects your personal disposition to your own life at this time, or more a very broad statement that reflects your feeling about the ‘transitional’ state of mankind?

    If the former, then personally speaking, I don’t consider it to be indicative of you, nor does such a though emerge in your posting. You are incredibly upbeat and always positive! Such vibrancy is what makes you and your Blog shine.

    If the latter, do you think there’s purpose and/or reason why mankind and humanity needs to pass through such a devastating stage in their development. And if so, what do you consider will be the outcome? As a species, I’d go as far as to suggest that we are only just beginning to understand the miracle of living in a world already of an age that defies our comprehension, and evolutionary speaking, remain no more than needful infants still demanding sensationalism and gratification to supersede any degree of understanding and natural wisdom. I’d like to hear your thoughts, and again put it to you that another erudite and learned posting on your Blog would be very worth while and informative.

    And in the meantime…I’m working on the Olympus posting and unravelling the ‘me’ from my overly rational mind and trying to get at something (…how did you once describe it…) more fairy-tale and imaginatively blue 🙂

    Perhaps i’ll catch up with you later. I hope so anyway.


    DN – 05/04/14

    • I would love to wrap my mind around all you say, and wish I had the luxury of time to respond. Must do so at a later time, work and LOTS of homework but thank you and I will get back to you on this.

      ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Hi Sandy,

        Please never negate your studies to answer anything that I write! Heaven forbid 🙂 I’ll not be offended! Good grief no 🙂 (I’ll just never bother visiting again lol 🙂

        Seriously, I put my comments on to your site because I know you care about the world and the role you and people like you have in it, and because I value the material you present. And I also like the allure of Blue 🙂 But I’ll always enjoy your commentaries and your feedback no matter if or when they appear. My words don’t always need answering either…on occasion they also help me find space, perspective, solution, and/or resolution in my own thoughts as well.

        You also have a knowledgeable and loyal readership and sometimes a post can bring forth discussion amongst ourselves and relocate your role to being an intermediary.

        I’ll leave you to your studies, and look forward to when you are back in the real world lol 🙂

        Learn well and deeply Sindy! One day, teaching children/young adults will brings an immense responsibility with it and you’ll be making change happen in this world through the power of delivering an insightful and visionary education to others. So pressure there then! 🙂

        Catch up soon.


        DN – 05/04/14

      • Your comments merit a level of respect that takes thought and consideration. I do so value them. 🙂 My blog is a deeper and lovelier place because you leave such thought provoking comments. Please continue to do so at your leisure. I am happy to be a bridge.

        Now to do corrections from Math, just got home from work, and work again tomorrow, and lot of homework.

        Again all my gratitude and appreciation until which time I can engage in a meaningful discussion.

        ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        I can think of no more than a half-dozen people who I’ve met in the course of my nomadic life who’d be so tender in their reply.

        Thank you Sindy, you’ve certainly made this Celestial Wizard glow with a smile 🙂

        Have a wonderful evening.

        DN – 05/04/14

      • 😀 Still doing homework. You made me smile too! 😀

    • Funny you should say Happiness as there is a recent unposted draft with just that title. Happiness is great. I really prefer happy. I do recall hearing a reading from Baba Muktananda where he said, I paraphrase, “It is not to be on either side of the pendulum swing, either happy or sad, but to be in the center, in the stillness.” That is just the message I remember, not necessarily his words. Now I like happy and I seek it always. 😀 That is why Abraham via Ester Hicks, is one of my favorite motivational coaches, and Deepak, love them. A fish taco can make me happy, there is a blog post about that. Here it is,
      At that time, I was NOT happy, and fought with tenacity to get back there, and I did. Yea me, well done! I learned a lot from that about be responsible for one’s emotional state and manifestation. Manifestation requires a matching frequency, so therefore if you want to be happy, you got to be happy.
      Regarding the not so cute transitional stage of metamorphosis, I meant that sludge which is in us all in terms of ego, fears, guilt, anger and so on, when coming out in a clearing, is ugly and scary, which is why I avoid doing that kind of work. But it needs to be done in all of us. Ho’ Oponopono is a good technique, sort of a pain free version. lol
      I believe humanity has been enslaved consciously, and in the darkness and they are waking up. Some of us will move beyond this dualism and some will choose to remain in a 3D dualistic paradigm. I envision Xanadu, and Paradise.
      Looking forward to your Olympus reply, as always.
      ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

  6. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    How are you? Thank you for your reply, as always there is something more to be found in it than that which lies on the surface.

    Baba Muktananda quote, “It is not to be on either side of the pendulum swing, either happy or sad, but to be in the centre, in the stillness,” Like many articles and posts that I read online, the central point of being is often described as a state of acceptance in and of all things, the living of life ‘in the moment’. So perhaps happiness is as much about not knowing what we’ve got until it’s gone, as it is the acceptance of not knowing what we’ve been missing out on until it arrives. If one lives with a consciousness that prescribed to positive expectation, then happiness in the moment is possible.

    I must admit that the Ho’ Oponopono prayer felt a little awkward…but I guess if I hadn’t, then its purpose would have been lost on me. I am not sure what it achieved…perhaps that has yet to be revealed…but I did last out for the full 45 minutes and felt quite ‘still’ afterwards 🙂 Thank you Sindy, I am grateful to have had the experience of its viewing.

    Your considered response to my earlier question is quite fascinating. That we have been enslaved ‘consciously’ might suggest either that we have been entrapped deliberately by a higher consciousness acting externally, or that it is a natural phenomenon occurring within the process of evolution. The answer to this I imagine to be a matter of belief and faith, yet the question ‘for what purpose?’ is applicable to both. I’d also like to know what you mean by a ‘dualistic paradigm?’ Personally I follow your implied reasoning that synthesis offers emergence beyond the confines of 3D space and time. And such a state of transcendence satisfies my conditions for achieving hope and progress for mankind as well.

    Perhaps in summation of what you have written then, it is more about the individual’s death being necessary before rebirth can take place…that we have to die in order to rise. How very Alchemical 🙂

    Nature flows and can never truly be contained by the present moment. We might consider ourselves as living in the present and enjoying nature in the present, but more accurately we are both merely a part of the same continual flow.

    The cessation of life occurring in the present will always bring forth new expressions of potential arriving from the future. In our finite and closed universe new matter cannot be created until there is decay and absorption of living matter through entropy. In order for something to live something else must die. Winter passes into Spring, and Spring in to Summer, and Summer into Winter, and at each stage there is transformation and change. This is nature’s constant and fundamental principle occurring in all aspects of life: it is the central axis upon which the Earth turns as a self-perpetuating organism. It is the beating pulse at the heart of all things.

    A closed system will always operate in this way if it is to be both self-regulating and held in equilibrium over time. Even our human bodies follow such natural law. Periodically, about every 7 years or so, our physical vessel undergoes a state of transition, or transformation, and whilst this process is continual throughout our life…2 million blood cells for example die to be replaced every second in a resurrection that has continued since the time of our birth…it’s completion is ‘staged’ to coincide with a period of 7 years. From the smallest cell upwards the body produces a copy of itself by reprinting the information contained within our DNA. In much the same way as a Xerox machine operates, every reprint slowly becomes lighter and lighter, until we are not able to replicate ourselves efficiently or effectively anymore. At this point our physical bodies that have given host to the divine spirit we call consciousness dies and our bodies are returned to the Earth: the molecules are then absorbed and reconstituted through synthesis with other molecules and used as the building blocks of new life. We have no real control over our bodies ability to sustain itself other than by the choices we make in life to maintain good health. It’s an uncanny feeling to consider that our arm for example is not the same arm that we were born with!

    One might regard consciousness as existing independently to our bodies, and in my humble opinion it is this aspect of ourselves, the ghost in us all that is raised to heaven or driven into hell according to our words and deeds in this life. In this way our spirits are eternal and join the ‘collective’ consciousness of life. Equally, if one believes as I believe in the flow of physical nature, then the molecules which formed our body and which will become an elemental part of something else in the future also live on and will continue to do so for all time. (I may die but my molecules live on!) I do not believe that it could be otherwise when all is governed by repeating cycles.

    Given that some 7.5 billion human life forms have walked and existed on the Earth before we were born, It is indeed fascinating to consider that perhaps some of the molecules that once formed their physical body now form a component part of ours! Let us all hope that consciousness does not attach itself to our physical selves, and that matter is cleansed upon death, or perhaps not everyone currently alive is all they think they are: and indeed, nor can everyone have the reconstituted material once formerly occupied by a saint! 🙂

    I look forward to stepping into Blue waters next time…


    DN – 08/04/14

    • Oh my~ 😀 Been a long day but I did know all you just wrote but could not have written it as you did. lol I know details and they they are just stored in my brain but I could not have informed someone as you did.

      Its 98 degrees here, so hot! I feel so inadequate in this short response to your eloquent and substantial comment.

      Hope you have had a great day. Mine has been long but fruitful.

  7. Dewin Nefol says:

    Thank you. I knew that you knew…but were just holding back 🙂

    My days here in the UK are slowly becoming less fruitful. I don’t just feel that it is time for a change, I know in my bones that it is something that must happen. 2 years to go until my next ‘transitional’ state. Just got to wait for the mind to catch up with what is already in my heart before deciding what next to do…

    98 degrees! Phew 🙂 That’s gloriously warm.

    Have a wonderful day and take care 🙂

    DN – 09/04/14

  8. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    If ever you choose to post on the Duality Paradigm, I’ll be sure to enjoy its deep insight…it’ll make a an excellent read.

    Hope you’ve had a bountiful day.

    Take care 🙂

    DN – 09/04/14

    • Perhaps we can chat about it off blog sometimes. I am a bit under the weather, and tired.

      Much love~

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Hey Sindy,

        It’s 6.15am. From the elevated position of my flat I look out across the city towards the distant hills. It’s sunrise and the sky is the most beautiful shade of pink and red, the sun a fiery ball of deep blood-orange. It’s quite a wondrous site 🙂

        I’ve sent you a little ‘gift’ to help put a smile back on your dial 🙂

        And sure, we’ll chat off-blog about the deep stuff. You just concentrate on getting well…


        DN – 10/04/14

      • Thanks~ Finished up some homework before bed. lol
        You are arising and I am setting.

  9. Dewin Nefol says:

    …I kind of like the balance in that somehow 🙂

    The same view that sees me watching sunrise, also permits an enjoyable observation of the Moon as it ‘arrives’ in the night sky. Both rise on the horizon and appear to reach their zenith directly above a cathedral that stands perhaps 400 meters away from where I live. I am very fortunate in having such a view of both night and day that includes in the one image a reference to man’s enduring appreciation of the heavens above….it offers a summation of the totality of all that we are.

    As for homework…with the weekend upon us, I’m sure you can put down the books for a couple of days and ease back into life for some of the next 48 hours.

    I hope you are feeling better 🙂

    DN – 11/04/14

    • Your view sounds lovely. As for the weekend…is the most homework, in addition to real work. lol Feeling better today indeed. Off to my special meditation group soon. Namaste~

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        I hope you’re enjoying this evenings meditation. If it inspires a posting then you know we’ll all be here to read it ….

        So pleased to hear you are feeling better 🙂

        I’ll put some photos of the view in an email to you over the weekend.


        DN – 11/04/14

  10. Okay put yourself in them. 😉

  11. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    With Love all Fear is gone. Fitting words for a very troubled World. Perfect for Easter Sunday. Thank you.

    Happy Easter Sindy. Best wishes in all ways always.

    Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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