April Full Blood Moon

Visual Alchemy Peacock Feather

Visual Alchemy

This is Anrita Melchkezedek a beautiful channeled message and as she calls it Arc of the Covenant Activation  in regards to last nights magnificent eclipse. It was perfect viewing here in Arizona and I watched the full two hours, off and on. It felt incredibly powerful, or is that again my imagination?

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Hologramic Universe




Once again Theresa Crabtree at Mayan Messages, has a post I have to share. As I read it, I was reminded of the teachings of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah really explains creation in a way that resonates with me in a logical way. When I first heard it, I was like “Yeah, that makes sense to me.”

With that intro….I give you Theresa’s message:

HOLOGRAMIC UNIVERSE  In the beginning, there was Source. You are part of the original Source of pure love, light and energy. One way to imagine this is to visualize the original Source as the sun. There came a time when Source chose to allow itself to fragment in order to experience something other than its full perfect Essence. In that moment, Source fragmented itself, knowing it had full power at any moment to recall those fragments and reconfigure itself into wholeness again. Imagine these fragments as candles or flames, each a part of the whole sun.

You came from one of those initial fragments. Each of these fragments retained the entire memory and essence of the Source, much like a hologram. Each one of these fragments made various choices of what it wanted to experience.

Through time, each of the fragments had the ability to step down another notch from Source. Every level, down to the you that is now reading this script, has always retained its full scope of love, light and energy. Every one of you is the original Source, not a separated part, such as when you cut a cake into parts, but a hologramic part in which the entire essence of the Source is a part of you.

What this means is that each of you is Source or God. This does not mean that in this moment you are of the purest light imbued with all the capabilities of Source, such as omniscience, omnipresence and perfect love. In one sense, you do have these capabilities within you, but they have been locked up and not accessible due to your agreement to uphold the contract of the universe you live in.

Continue reading here.

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Don’t forget the Deepak & Oprah

Finding your Flow

21 Day Meditation Challenge

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Visual Alchemy Istanbul

 Visual Alchemy

I have a real treat for you. I was just thinking to recommend this to you all again, and then….. I saw it on YouTube. I have the cd, it is SO expansive. I suggest listening to it repeatedly.

I Am Brahman such is the truth.

Deepak Chopra

The Secret to Healing

Also he and Oprah are giving another free 21 Day Meditation Challenge,

 starting Monday, April 14, 2014. Register here.

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Mother Ship


“Everything you can imagine is real.”

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A new age channel back in 1987 shared with me the quote attributed to Pablo Picasso. I took that and made it my own. I ran with that concept, I learned to trust and value my imagination and as a result I have had things unfold for me over the decades.

I have been sharing my visions and it is something that over these decades, I would only share with close like-minded friends. I feel so vulnerable putting these things out there for the public but….. “I do believe in fairies. I do. I do.”  If I doubted my inner sight  so much would have been lost to me.

This image evokes a powerful knowing in me. I have been here, and obviously the artist who created the image has been there. It is my ship. Several years ago I was part of an online collective group of writers who wrote a space odyssey, this image really reminds me of that story, but when I say I have been there, is it my imagination from the story, or is it my existence in another time/space dimension? Who knows? No one knows, is the answer. So choose to be and choose to believe whatever you want, whatever causes you joy , hope and expansion.

Much love~

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Visual Alchemy Blue


Visual Alchemy

Namaste friends~ I am still super busy. Send me some really smart brain math cells please. lol It’s been a challenge and it looks like it will continue to be one until I graduate with this minor associates degree before transferring to the university. So you will be hearing about it from me for some time to come. The day you read, I love math, will be a very good day indeed. Now let me get to the good stuff. I did take the evening to attend my meditation group with my sister, (I love that she goes with me.)

Another really incredible experience. I see so much when I am there, I can only share a bit at one time. We always begin with the archangel visitations, and they are always there very strongly…Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Zadkiel, as well as the others. Maybe I see them clearly because I am closely associated with that realm, or in other words, I am familiar with them. Gabriel had on a light blue robe and he knelt beside me (I lay on the floor) and he stuck a white feather in my ear, it actually tickled my eardrum. I do have some hearing damage from working in loud discotheques back in the day. I saw Raphael tuning my chakras , with his left hand it was as if he were turning invisible controls, and with his left hand he was waving his hand in a horizontal motion, like a wave. Hard to describe but it was very interesting, it reminded me of Star Trek, more scifi that angelic. I thought it was cool.

We also went into the Akashic Records but for now I am going to skip ahead. We were on a golden ship with vibrant energetic sails (this was described by the facilitator Jeanette) The ship was on a deep azure sea, and ahead of us was a purple vortex which we were invited to leave the ship and fly into, or we could remain on the vessel with our guides. I wanted to go into the vortex but I doubted the ability to fly there, an angel (in white, I don’t think it was an archangel) took my hand and like Peter Pan and Wendy flew me into the vortex. I really do not recall now what occurred there. I didn’t realize this before now as I am sitting to write this. Oh! I do remember them telling me that we are so special to them, that like on Star Trek we were the Away Team, brave and awesome coming into this Earth 3D existence, and they want to help empower us by removing the amnesia of who we truly are.

So rather you entertain these other dimensional realities or not, I do. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. So we shall see. There is so much more but that will do for now. It is late and I have a long weekend of work and homework ahead of me. As much as I love school, I am anxious for summer. Wait did I say that? I am anxious for an unusually cool summer in Phoenix. Yeah that’s the ticket.

Listen to an interview with Patricia Cota Robles. A good listen. Enjoy if your so inclined.

Much love peeps~


City of Light



Well….What a week last week was, some good, some different. I missed my Thursday night meditation, which I wish I hadn’t but all is well. Last month of school for the semester, so I will still have a lot of homework, then I will have to real work. lol Yesterday my old 3G iPhone gave up the ghost. I found it interesting in timing as the phone was my dearly departed best friends, who died 4 years ago tomorrow, so the phone almost died on the same day. Hey Roger, out there somewhere. Karen Kubicko my dear friend and blogger, ask her heavenly guides where he was for me, and they said he had been reborn as a boy in California, so now I always look at small boys, as possible reincarnations of Roger. Although I live in Arizona, you never know.

Also I wanted to share a previous Thursday night meditation vision of a city of light that Sananda showed me. It looked like a crystal city with bright colored points throughout and in the towers. Then I was shown these crystal chambers, that were gem stones actually, giant orb shaped chambers that split in half so you could lye in them. There was an emerald one, sapphire, ruby…and so on, once you lay in them they would close and then be pulsed by a bright white light. Really cool and I assume for healing. I did not get to stay there very long as our meditation guide moved to another realm. The city of light was not mentioned by the guide, she just facilitated Sananda who showed me the city. However when comparing notes afterwards we often see very similar things. I didn’t share the city of light with them, so I don’t know. I have read a lot of NDE where a similar place has been described on several accounts. Would these be what some call heaven? I don’t think so. Karen and I both have experienced a healing place that is not this city of light. You can read about Karen’s here.


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Grand Event



All I can say is Wow, just wow! My heart and soul so rejoiced when I read the channeled message by Annamerkaba~

As I shared some of my beliefs and have been sharing some of my mystical experiences, one can see that I am open to extraordinary concepts. I have wondered all these years if truly I would live to see the days when massive truth of who, and what we are would come to light. I certainly do not know that these events will transpire but as I read it I cried tears of joy. I felt relief and release, as if all worry rolled away.

Maybe I am just a dreamer and a optimist.

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Grand Event


~On April 15th a magnanimous event shall unfold before earthlings. An event of such proportions that the world has not seen eons past. The event that shall be known in recorded history as that which has come and that which has gone and that which has returned and that which has risen from the ashes of the past into the newly formed UNITY of  the ones to come. For the mathematical equation of Pi, and E=MC2 shall play a very important role in the days to come. For that which does not exists to the human mind, shall indeed be revealed. ~

This is a VERY long channeling, so please bare with me. At the end there are also further information and explanation of everything for you. Enjoy!  :)  <3

On April 15th a magnanimous event shall unfold before earthlings. An event of such proportions that the world has not seen eons past. The event that shall be known in recorded history as that which has come and that which has gone and that which has returned and that which has risen from the ashes of the past into the newly formed UNITY of the ones to come.

For the event of the magnanimous proportions, shall strip mankind of all their EGO, shall strip mankind of all their knowledge of eons past.  For all shall be stripped away, and only the raw, true, nature remain. The stripping away of the veil of the illusionary world that they have found themselves to be a part of. And the truth of their kind be revealed to them yet again.

Therein within the hearts of so many lays the code to the eternal understanding of time, the eternal understanding of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. The codexes imprinted therein shall activate on the date in question and continue to rapidly unfold throughout your known world, and the worlds around you. Baring the fruitful commencement of the events that are to follow, the earthlings shall face the history that they have not been exposed to prior.

The earthlings shall bear fruit of all that has been laid before them, by those who have come and gone. And as such, the events that are to unfold will touch many a heart, will unraveled many a truth, from within the layers of the sub atomic particles within the psyche of their being and the civilization as a whole.


Read entire post here, and I recommend that you read the whole thing. ;)


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